A few things about me you might not know yet

A few things about me you might not know yet

I think most if not all of you already know me through my teaching in school and my drawing classes for kids in the Leisure Time Club. I am really happy to gather all of you here, in my blog. I started it back in 2012, and since then it became such a great comfy place where we can discuss all kinds of things about our kids. But back then when I only started everything, I was so incredibly unsure whether it will ever work out. Can you imagine? :-) I thought, what if nobody wants to try this way of communication, what if nobody cares? Seriously, I was full of doubts. And I remember how I got my first “Hi!” here, and what relief I felt:-) So, what I want to say. Don’t be afraid of starting new things, experimenting and changing your life. This kind of decisions is what actually moves the world forward.

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