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A few things about me you might not know yet

I think most if not all of you already know me through my teaching in school and my drawing classes for kids in the Leisure Time Club. I am really happy to gather all of you here, in my blog. I started it back in 2012, and since then it became such a great comfy place where we can discuss all kinds of things about our kids. But back then when I only started everything, I was so incredibly unsure whether it will ever work out. Can you imagine? :-) I thought, what if nobody wants to try this way of communication, what if nobody cares? Seriously, I was full of doubts. And I remember how I got my first “Hi!” here, and what relief I felt:-) So, what I want to say. Don’t be afraid of starting new things, experimenting and changing your life. This kind of decisions is what actually moves the world forward.

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How parents can help their kids read

Many parents ask me how do I make my kids read. Well, actually, I don't. They just read. Ellen, she has just turned 11 this month, likes to read chick-novels for teenagers. Honestly, I think that this kind of books are a bit too early for her age, but the thing is, she likes it. And that is the main point: if a kid likes what they read, they will keep on reading. There is no reason to push them cover "all the necessasary books a 5/7/10 y.o. kid might read at his age." Honestly, just let them read whatever they want. Let it be a book of comics or Harry Potter novel, at this age it is not so important.

However, I often hear a question "But what to do if the kids do not want to read anything at all?" Then I should also ask you a question: how often do you personally read at home? Do your kids see you reading? Do you read for your kids out loud?

If you want your kids to read books, you should be a reader as well. This is essential. Kids are copying our behaviour, they do what we do, whether we like it or not. And if you push your kids read books while you spend your free time chatting on mobile, it will not work. Kids should see everyday that you not only read, but really enjoy reading, that this is exciting, it can be better than console playing. And while the kids are still too young for reading by themselves, read them out loud. Get books in a local library, and you will have a new story for every evening.

The main point of "making your kids read" is not push them, but cheer them up. I know, this is long process, but it is worth it. Leave a comment about what you do to help your kids read more!


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